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New Free Spins No Deposit

27. April 2018

New Free Spins No Deposit

Who doesn’t like playing online casinos for free? Free spins and no deposit bonuses are fun ways for casino players to try their luck without spending a single penny. Throughout the internet, there are thousands of new free spins and no deposit bonuses. That’s not all, the industry players keep bringing new ones every day.

Why free spins and no deposit?

New Free Spins No Deposit

As mentioned earlier, the new casino free spins no deposit bonuses are offered by many online casinos every day. In traditional slots, it was rare to hear about free spins. But with the advent of the internet, there is absolutely no reason why casino players should miss out on the fun of playing their favorite games for free. There are several reasons why new free spins and no deposit bonuses have become so popular. These include:


The aspect of competition cannot be downplayed in any industry. There are hundreds of online casinos present today. This increases the competition they have to face, making it harder for them to stay online. That’s why new free spins and no deposit bonuses come up every day. The most competitive sites offer the best bonuses in the market.

Attracting new players

New casino free spins are used by the casino gaming sites as bait to attract new players to their games. As a result, the free spins and no deposit bonuses are offered in attractive packages which are irresistible to gamblers. These are often in the forms of welcome bonuses which you get as you sign up to the gambling sites. However, there are also match up bonuses. For instance, when you deposit $10 at Leo Vegas Casino, you get up to 100% match up bonus plus 100 free spins. Meaning your account balance will read $20 and additional 100 spins.

Features of the new free spins and no deposits

First, the new slots free spins are a fun way to try out your luck in online casinos without risking any of your hard earned resources. You can play and win big with the free spins and cash out your prize for real money by following simple requirements. Several players have taken advantage of this great offer and made a lot of money with it.

The new free spins come in various categories ranging from 10 to 120 free spins. When signing up, it is up to the player to choose their preferred category. The difference is the money value per spin. For instance, the value for 1 spin in the category of 10 free spins may be worth $1 while the value of a spin in the 100 free spins category would be worth $0.01. New casino gamers are advised to choose the highest number of spins to practice with before they start risking with real money.

Apart from this, there are specific games you can play with free spins either for practice or to make fortunes. The common slot game you can play with free spins and no deposit bonuses is Starburst.

You must, however, adhere to the wagering requirements before you cash out part or all of your prizes earned from playing online casinos. Some have zero wagering requirements while others have high wagering requirements for the free spins. These are the minimum number of times you are required by the casino site to play with your prize before you are allowed to withdraw.

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